Twelve reasons you should research before travelling anywhere

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Being a traveller is not an easy task. Packing your bags and setting off to any destination is not how you should travel. Travelling requires organisation and research. Not just the details of when and how to get there but also what to do and what to see when you get there. You would definitely not want your trip to be a total rip off and that is why you should research whenever you travel.

Below are 12 reasons you should research before travelling anywhere:

1. Get information on the local cuisine

So you’re setting sail to yet another beautiful land and have also heard a lot about its beauty and the people; but what about the food. As a traveller we all try out the local cuisines of the place we visit. But make sure you’re ready for what’s coming your way. Research on the local cuisine and try what you think you’ll like. You might just be allergic to a common ingredient they use or happen to eat a staple meat that you are otherwise not supposed to eat.Parata and momos

2. Weather statistics

Weather is another important aspect that you need to take into consideration before you travel. This will make sure you carry just the right clothes and essentials you’ll need to carry to suit the weather conditions.Weather

3. Dressing

Make sure you pack clothes that are suitable to be worn in the local area. This is a way to ensure that you show respect to their culture. In some places it is necessary to cover your calves and hence such rules need to be followed by tourists as well. If you research, you will know the basic dos and donts.Porper gear

4. Check out public transit

Research the various modes of public transport available at your destination. This will help to avoid paying more than necessary to the taxi drivers. Hence, save money and use public transport to go from one place to another. Also the public transport experience is one that is worth it as one gets to rub shoulders with the locals and see how they live and move closely.Public trasnportation

5. Take a look at the laws

Make sure you research the laws of the particular country or region. The vaguest of your actions might just be illegal. If you were wondering whether you should click the last picture at the Kazakhstan airport – change your mind and keep your cameras in. Photography in and around airports in Kazakhstan is illegal. If you research, you will know this.Laws

6. Check out details for travel visa necessities

Make sure you take a look at all requirements for your visa and get them all done before hand. Also make sure your passport is valid so that your travel is as smooth as butter. Paper work always causes a lot of issues, so seeing that all your documents are in the proper place is a good idea.Visa info

7. Book tickets now and avail of discounts

Make sure you book your tickets soon so that you skip the long lines and get the best deals tailor made for you. This way you can ensure cheaper tickets and also suitable entertainment and hobbies to keep yourself engaged; all in one package.instant flight

8. Prepares for things to see and do

When you research about a destination either online or offline, you get a lot more knowledge about the place and the place automatically comes alive when you actually visit it. You exactly know what the place has in store for you. Researching about the location in detail, getting to know different events and activities taking place, making a list of all the places to explore helps you get a lot closer to it and prepares you to pack your backpack smartly. You already know names of different places like the zoo, parks, historical places, lakes and rivers which make things easier and exciting when you get there.Things to see

9. Can plan travel schedule accordingly

Once you know what places you have to visit, you get one step closer to reaching your destination. You can carefully plan your complete schedule as per the distance between different destinations, and with the help of maps as to what to visit first and what later. You can plan out different activities for different days and list them down accordingly and easily make your travel plan by listing places together and carefully segmenting them to different days as per your plan.Plan accordingly

10. Helps pack smartly

Researching on the temperature of the place you are going to visit helps you pack your bags smartly. You get to know what you need to carry and what not. You can easily avoid unnecessary stuff that will just get your bag heavy. The weather of the place you travel to plays a big role when it comes to packing your bags right as well as light.Pack smart

11. Won’t fall short of money

Often times people end up not researching about the place they are travelling to and end up falling short of money. ATM’s are not something you can rely on when you travel to distant places. Research gives you an idea of the estimated amount of money you need to carry along so that you can enjoy every bit of the place.Falling shot on cash

12. More successful, memorable and exciting adventure

Like the saying goes, “before you travel, research like crazy”. To maximize your travel experience to the fullest all you need to do is research well about the place you are going to visit. The key to having an amazing, memorable and exciting trip is research. You will end up having the best moments of your life and enjoying every bit of that place. Since you know exactly what to do and what not to, it will help you make the most of it. Just do a little research and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find at your destination.More adventure


Travelling is important but so is research. Keep the above reasons in mind and make sure you have fun.

Travel happy!

Text: Sunaina Shetty  & Jennifer D’mello


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