Ten reasons why sending postcards is still cool

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In the olden days, words were valued and appreciated. A written word was a commitment and a promise. As the times changed, the beautiful art of jotting words down for a person faded away in the chaos of keyboards and screens and so did its value. But, since vintage is always cool, and even though emails are easier and less work, sending a written post card is extremely charming. Here are some reasons why sending post cards are still cool:

1.) Its Different!

Facebook messages, WhatsApps, texts and emails are now ordinary and mundane. You rarely get any letters in today’s time. When you send out a post card, it’ll be different from the crowd and your gesture will stand out and thus be remembered for a long time.

Its treasured

2.) Will be treasured:

Since post cards usually have beautiful pictures on one side, the receiver will preserve and treasure it for a long time. They will value it as something that made them smile that day and it will make them smile every time they re-read it. They may even put it up on their notice boards or hang it on their walls or use it as a bookmark in their books. Some may also preserve it to show their future generations who won’t know what a post card is.Good gesture

3.) Permanent:

Unlike emails and texts, this letter cannot be erased. This card would be tangible; it would mean more when you send it. It won’t get lost or deleted in cyber space, unless they lose it in their closet space. It won’t get erased when the computer crashes. To make it last all the more, put it in a plastic cover when you send it and it will survive a heavy downpour too with ease..Its different

4.) Counts as a gesture:

Sending a post card takes more effort as compared to sending an email. You write it down, you attach a stamp to it and then you go out and post it. This effort will be appreciated by the receiver and to them it could be a small but sweet gesture. Thus, if you’re travelling, it won’t cost more than Rs 20 to make someone back home smile!No network

5.) No network, no problem:

When you’re in places where you get barely any network to make a call or send a text, post cards work as an excellent option. They are usually available in all souvenir shops and there usually is a post office in almost every place in India. There’s no need for any electricity at all! And when you message finally does get delivered, your receiver gets to see where you were and to read your hand written message. He or she gets the joy they wouldn’t get in a simple electronic message.Trip souviner

6.) Trip souvenirs:

Postcards are souvenirs of your trips to your loved ones and yourself (send one for yourself for keepsake). The messages on these cards are extremely worth reading years later and they have a more personal touch to it as they have messages handwritten. So get your postcards and insert them in your photo albums and reminisce your travels over and over again.Perminanent

7.) Extra effort means more:

In the digital age, Instagram and Facebook rule so there is a lot of sharing of trips and happenings of it online. If you are adept with different apps, you can send out your location with a picture not just to your loved ones but to the entire world, too. But when it comes to a post card, you’ll have to write down the address, stamp it, look for a mailbox and then mail it. Don’t doubt though, that a postcard is more personal than the pictures that appear through a ‘share’ button today.Extra Effort

8.) Beautiful pictures:

So what if you didn’t find time to click a picture? Just pick a postcard and keep it for yourself. It’ll be an amazing picture since it’s clicked by professionals anyways!Beautiful pictures

9.) Stamp collector? Added Bonus!

So receiving postcards has twice the goodness wherein you get to collect pictures of places along with personalised messages and with the stamps of the respective place.stamp collection

10.) Comparing postcards and the actual subject:

Bored out of your mind? Here’s something fun! Pick out those collectible postcards that you’ve gathered over the years and compare them to what stands in the same place today. You’ll be amazed to see the differences. They also sometimes mention some really cool facts of the places which are a fun read!  

actual object


Hence, when you’re travelling and want to send a message to someone, don’t hesitate to pick a post card and scribble a cute message on it. Even just a print out of a picture works! Let’s bring this cute exchange of written words back for it’s a beautiful thing.

Text- Vrutika Shah & Sunaina Shetty

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