Ten reasons why cargo pants are best while backpacking

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It’s time to head on a trip and there is confusion over what to carry and pack while backpacking. Jeans are a strict no as they make bags heavy with their weight. The best choice is cargo pants as they have multiple benefits.

1. Baggy–    Baggy pants are a style of clothing popular from the mid-1990s until the late-2000s. Cargos are baggy and loose enough at the thighs so that activities like hiking and other stretching activities are possible. These kinds of pants are perfect for long distance travelling.

Baggy pants

2. Comfy –   Cargo pants provide comfort. One can feel at ease while wearing these pants. Long hours of travelling and trekking makes one feel itchy and sweaty, here tight pants become troublesome. One feels very relaxed and comfortable in cargo pants.

3. Drip-dry-   Cargo pants are drip-dry. You can wear them without having to face creases. No ironing is required. You can just toss in a few pairs in your bag without having to iron them before wearing. Drying them also is an easy task. They can be washed with ease.
Drip dry

4. Fashionable   These pants are easy to style. Whether you wear a plain T-Shirt, or a crop top, or a tank top or a cardigan along with the cargo pants, every match will make you look fashionable. You can look adventurous as well as classy at the same time. Look good while you travel. You don’t want to look bad in your travel pictures which are going down as memories in your travel book.

Pocket full

5.Light-     It is advisable to carry light luggage while travelling. But you don’t want to miss out on being dressy. Cargo pants are light weight clothes which can take less space in your backpack. Carrying them while on the road is a not so heavy task, this makes them ideal.
Light weight

6.Unisex  Cargo pants can be worn by both men as well as women. There is no such discrimination on whether only guys can wear it or girls. This adds to their fashion forwardness.

7.Pocket full-   Unlike other pants, cargos have quite a few pockets which can be reached out in a jiffy. So things which are likely to be important can be filled in these pockets. You don’t want to open up your luggage to find that one important thing which may be required at any point of time.

8.Rough Road-  If you are a frequent traveller, and always on trips cargos are something you must have. These pants are made for rough and tough roads. It doesn’t wear off in a short time. They are the pants made for wild times.

Rough road

9.Convertible –   Cargo pants come with variability. When required you can pin it up like 3/4th’s and other times let loose in full length. Accordingly to the requirements, these pants can be altered.

Multi occusion

10.Multi- occasional Not just trekking, but these pants can fit in any occasion. When not on trips or treks, one can style and wear it otherwise. For example- For women, an addition of feminine items like high heels, blouses and simple jewellery can take cargo pants from sporty to dressy just by following a few steps. And for men, cargo pants are really a style statement when worn correctly for a walk in the park.

all occusions

Text: Hazel Cardoza

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