Six reasons why travel selfies are the coolest

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Love them or loathe them but selfies are the in things today. This technique has been growing and spreading like wildfire with people from all ages clicking selfies whenever and wherever. Selfies are one of the most convenient ways to capture life’s various moments.

Below are six reasons why travel selfies are the coolest of all selfies that one can click:

1. Documentation around the world in pictures

Today, a person can file his or her own travel diary across all social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You need to send them to your loved ones too so they know the places you have been to and can envy you a little, too. Friends and family via a selfie can travel with us and have an idea of what we are up to and also share our memories. For this we need to click our coolest selfies while travelling to the most beautiful places on the planet.Around the world Selfie

2. Click the cheesy monument pictures

Travelling to some of the famous monuments and not clicking a cheesy picture is a big no. One must have a fun snap of themselves posing against some of the most known wonders of the world and there’s no better way to do this than a selfie. Above pictured you see three of Charles Dickens’ great-great-great-grandchildren clicking a selfie with their ancestor’s statue.clicking the cheesy moments

3. Best option if you’re alone

Problem: You need a picture with the beautiful surroundings but you’re alone.

Solution: Selfie!

Time and again people who travel alone do not find anyone to click a picture or they just do not trust strangers with their camera. So take a cue from the traveller above and click a selfie. This picture is fast and also tension–free as there is no stress of asking someone to click a picture in a particular way. With a selfie – you can do the needful without much stress.solo selfie

4. Can use your selfie-stick

Bought a selfie-pod and never got to use it? Well here’s your chance! Gather your crew and click as many selfies as you want against the scenic background without any hassle. You can be creative with the new way to click a picture.perfect moment

5.  Never missing the perfect to opportunity to click a picture

Camera: Check

Sunset: Check

Photographer: Missing

Want to click a picture while the sun is setting but there’s no one to click one for you? Be a do-it-yourself (er) and fish for your phone and click your selfie. One must not miss out on the perfect timing for a perfect picture due to a missing photographer. Taking a selfie makes that difficult situation much easier.selfie

6. It’s definitely better than a bathroom selfie

Travel guru, Lee Thompson’s selfie atop Christ the Redeemer is way cooler than any bathroom selfie or even, the Oscar selfie for that matter. This viral selfie is considered to be the best selfie ever. And to top it all, it’s a travel selfie! It offers a great view of Rio de Janeiro city from the marvellous statue that defines the place.

Travel selfies are the coolest and now you know why. So go ahead, embrace your inner photographer and capture new memories!

cheesy moments
Text: Sunaina Shetty

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