Seven reasons why parents should encourage kids to backpack

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Many parents assume backpacking to be a waste of time and money. Parents assume that their children’s future has a lot to do with just their studies and nothing else. Below are a few reasons why parents should encourage their children to backpack and what benefits they gain out of it. Also about how it helps them to be an extrovert, explore the world and learn new things rather than just sitting within the four corners of their room with their books.

1. Helps in learning new things with enthusiasm

Travelling helps in learning new things and growing along the way. It has great challenges along the path and overcoming them one by one is the best part about travel. It helps loosen up and expand one’s worldview. Travel is all about breaking out of your comfort zone and enjoying every little thing the world has to offer. Visiting new places inspires you, and teaches you a lot.
Learning new things

2. Builds confidence

Backpacking to different places around the world builds a sense of confidence. It automatically increases knowledge and broadens one’s perspective. It gives a new perspective about life and especially about life, while it helps change some habits and even create new ones. It gives a bagful of experiences attached with that place. Travelling helps focus more on strengths and develop talents hidden within oneself. Discovering new values and visiting exotic places in life is really interesting and helps one become an extrovert.Build confidence

3. Keeps one physically active

Travelling keeps one physically fit as well as active. It keeps one healthy as one exercise daily with long walks and treks while backpacking. Also, backpacking gives one peace of mind and bids stress goodbye. Backpacking is the best way to lead a stress free and healthy life.Active

4. Helps develop skills

Travelling always helps develop different skills along the line which one didn’t even know they had. One gets to know themselves much more than they thought they knew and it brings out a different side of the person. Imagine the satisfaction that one gets after reaching the top of a mountain, or after crossing a gorge, or simply helping someone escape in a flood like situation. These little things in life allow access to skill sets that are hidden within a person.Develope new skills

5. Learn new languages

Learning new languages is always fun. Getting inspired by the place one visits, learning their local language and commuting with them is indeed fun. It gets a smile not only on our faces but also on theirs. Of course there are many benefits in learning a new language. It helps increase knowledge as well and helps one learn about different cultures.Learning new languages

6. Makes one independent

Travelling around the world teaches one to be more social, flexible and adaptable to different situations. It makes a person more independent, open and overall a strong person. One learns to slowly step by step stand on their own feet without being dependant on someone else. One knows well how to tackle hard situations when they come.Indipendent

7. Fits into pocket money budget

Backpacking is not always expensive. It is something that fits into every teen’s pocket money budget. It focuses more on ‘budget travel’. It doesn’t burn a hole into one’s pocket. It gives a person the best experiences of their life at an economical rate.

Fits ypur budget

Text: Jennifer D’mello

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