Seven reasons to reach a place before sundown

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While visiting any place backpacking, time is of vital essence. The whole concept of travel in general always has time as a factor – reaching a place at a particular time so that food and accommodation can be sought. There are other reasons besides these too that come into play.

Here are seven reasons why one should reach a place before sundown:

  • Unpredictable locals:

You are visiting a new place all together and hence aren’t sure how the locals or natives may react. Their nature is also unknown and one does not want to fall in any trouble. Reaching earlier avoids any untoward situation. In broad day light you can communicate and have a nice chat with the natives. This may help in receiving a warm welcome and ensuring a cheap homestay and food with it.Locals stolling in Majuli

  • Wild animals:

Wild animals are a common feature of greens spaces. It is better to avoid reaching a place after sunset as wild animals are on their hunt during that time. You don’t want to be their dinner after all. Forests and jungles are filled with all types of animals and insects. Both can be dangerous to humans. Better safe than sorry. Animals grazing in Spiti Valley

  • Bad transport:

 Most remote places do not have transport facility after sunset. And those available also aren’t in good condition. Transportation in hilly and mountainous areas is scary and dangerous especially after the sun set. It is best to travel during the day time so as to avoid unlikeable situations. bus on a winding road

  • Accommodation :

When you reach after sunset it is difficult to find accommodation as most of the hotels or motels are already booked or full. You may have to consider places you wouldn’t like. Reaching earlier would give you a wider range of options and choices. Some people are very choosy about their stay. The early bird catches the worm and so reaching early gives one the best chance to get good accommodation. guest house accommodation

  • Real beauty :

The real beauty of the place is seen in broad day light. Travellers feel a sense of happiness viewing a beautiful sight. However, reaching a place after the sun sets make it duller for the traveller.

Nako village and lake

  • Time:

If you reach earlier, you leave more time for exploring the place and helping you adapt with the surroundings as well as acclimatise to it. Reaching early gives extra time to visit places and finish the tour as per schedule or maybe you can squeeze in for just another shopping spree which otherwise you would miss out on. Shopping center in Kargil

  • Electricity :

Most of the sight seeing places have load shedding. You may get caught unaware about such places. Load shedding results in trouble for those who are not used to such situations. To be ready for such a situation one must be prepared and so must reach before sundown to avoid it. Locals are also vary of people who come in the nights as they may be thieves.bon fire with bbq and lamp.jpg
Keeping these points in mind to experience travel better, start off early and reach on time. Keep exploring. Keep travelling.

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