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An internship can be a lot of things. It can be really hard, demeaning at times, it can be fun, or it can be tiring. But at the end of it you come out much wiser with a better view of what you want to do in your near future or at least what you definitely don’t want to do.

Working with The Land Out There is an experience of a lifetime to say the least. You learn a lot of things without realizing. Here are a few reasons why The Land Out There is a great place to intern at:

1.) You learn more than just the department you are working for

Let’s say, your goal is to be a writer or a backpacker with TLOT and that is the reason you started interning here. They start with putting you in the marketing or sales teams. You may have never thought that you were ever capable of doing either of the two, but you learn step by step.

Eventually, you start getting good at it and then they take you closer to your real goal, and when you are finally writing for the website or running a trip, you are a person with the knowledge of how the promotion and sales part of the company works and that adds to your set of skills. Sometimes, it may only just start with a normal marketing or sales internship and you may end up coming out as a content writer or a actual hardcore backpacker!Learning more

2.) You are one step closer to achieving your career in the field of travelling

Your dreams could be as far as to become a host on a travel show or to shoot it. The Land Out There takes you a one step closer to what that life could be like and you can see for yourself what life on the travel highway is like.

If you go for their backpacking trips and start living a life committed to travel, you know the kind of hardships or the sacrifices you may need to make. Even by just listening to Divya and Sherwin’s stories of life on the road, you will learn about the life of a traveller and that will either make you want to want your dream more or walk away from it because it may not be your cup of tea.learning on the road

3.) You get credit for all the work that you do

It may not be a paid internship, but every little thing that you do is always acknowledged. It may range from getting extra points on good work, or a ‘best intern’ badge, or a free trip when you get the required number of people to come for the trip. These are the big things.

Then there are even small things like posting a picture of you on Facebook to let people know you are an intern, to writing your name under every article that you write and to get constant compliments and encouragements from all your co-workers, The Land Out There pushes you with positivity to learn and grow. Every one is super nice and understands you and your reasons for things not being done on time.
The badges

4.) Free food during meetings

Since you are working from home most of time, a meeting is called once a month where the marketing head sits and talks to you about the work, how things could improve, what he/she thinks needs to change and the usual catching up on new stories of new trips.

The meeting is usually held at this place called The Food Bar, and you can order whatever you want and as much as you want and it will be paid for. And this is one important opportunity that you cannot pass up on.The Food

5.) Your opinion is valued

When an intern has a suggestion or a problem with something, every person on the team will listen to you with open ears and minds and will try to rectify the problem or incorporate your suggestions in some way or the other.

At The Land Out There, you will feel like a vital part of the team at all times.  At the monthly meet, they will ask your opinions on a lot of things and even if you may not be right, you are heard.valid view point

6.) You learn to work as a professional while having fun

At some point in your internship, you will get a bunch of your friends and go for a trip. Not only will you have an amazing time with your friends and make memories, you will also learn a lot of new things like setting up a tent, or making a bonfire or how to handle a crowd that’s a little demanding.

The backpacker on the trip will be happy to answer all your questions and teach you more. Even otherwise, you are given responsibilities that require a lot of effort and the team trusts you to complete it. You are not treated like a fresher who doesn’t know anything. You also learn to work with deadlines and you may just finish your work earlier because it’s so much fun and you are eager to do more.

Get credit

7.) Everybody’s a buddy!

All your colleagues and bosses are around your age. They’re all been through the time you are in right now and thus they understand and know how some things might be obstructing your work.

You may have exams, projects or fests; they understand and let you do the work at your own pace. There is also not much formality involved and you can talk to your bosses in an open way. There is no hierarchy involved so you are at ease.

I can say all this, because I have experienced it all first hand. It’s a great experience to have and has made me grow from just a marketing intern to a content writer. I won’t say that it’s easy and there isn’t any effort involved, but if you just stick to fulfilling the duties that are assigned to you, you have a lot of fun and learn a lot, too.Same age

The best part is it doesn’t take up your entire day because you don’t have to go to a 9 to 5 office, and thus you can have a social life and a lot more while working here. They identify your talent and try to make the best of it by making you do more of it, in my case, it was writing. Personally, this internship has broadened my horizons infinitely.

Text: Vrutika Shah



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