Five reasons to backpack solo

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At some point in our life, we have all been to places either with our friends or our family. It’s in our mindset, that we need to travel with someone and that travelling is a group activity.

We are here to bust this myth and give five among plenty other reasons why travelling alone is one of the best things you could do for yourself and why everyone should try it out at-least once in their lifetime.

1.) Clears your mind:

This works in two ways. When you travel alone, you will spend plenty of time with yourself and in your own company. This will help you to really pay attention to the things that you have pushed back in your mind. With nothing else to really think about, you will pay attention to those thoughts and you will come up with a solution to all you problems. This may work another way, too. If you are constantly thinking about something, be it your job, studies or break up, travelling alone let’s you be on your own and get away from these things and think of thoughts that are much more pleasant that will help you see how much more you can be.

Clear your mind

2.) Makes you aware of your capabilities

When you have to depend on yourself, you will learn to figure out things on your own. You will do all the things that you thought would have been impossible without your parents or your significant other. You will even outdo them and surprise yourself with the things you may be able to do on your own. Like climbing the top of a hill, or driving a car that is out of your comfort zone or trying out a dish you never thought you would be okay with eating. This not only makes you independent, but also teaches you to be self sufficient which is one of the greatest things.


3.) Teaches you new things about yourself and the world

Being alone makes you realise what you really enjoy and what you really dislike. You become more aware of yourself. For example, you may never have considered yourself to be the daring kinds, but nothing has ever made you happier than jumping into a valley with a rope tied around you. You’ll learn new things about the world along with yourself. You will learn about how things work in a different place, about how the people are, the culture, etc. Stuff that you wouldn’t pay attention to if you were busy enjoying with your group of travel buddies.

Learning new things

4.) Allows you to make more friends

Since travelling alone can sometimes get lonely, you will end up going and talking to either other tourists or locals. It makes you more of an extrovert. It will make you want to open up to people and talk to them and know about them. You will always want to stay in touch with them because they will remind you of your solo trip and the lessons you learnt. You will generally become more approachable and will be open to new experiences with them.

Make new friends

5.) Do what you want

Remember how you wanted to go swimming but your sister wanted to go to the museum? Well guess what? When you’re alone, you’re the master of your own will. There is no one to stop you and tell you what to wear, where to go and what to eat. You can do exactly what pleases you. You don’t have to make other people happy. You just have to live for yourself.

Do what you want

These are only a few things from the top of our head. There’s so much more to travelling and especially about travelling alone. But while travelling alone can always be a lot of fun, always make sure that you’re being safe and making good decisions. You don’t want to wake up with a regret that will consume you for the rest of your trip making you feel miserable. Other than that, you will have the time of your life. So what are you waiting for? Book your solo trip now!

Text: Vrutika Shah

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