The city guarded by a Fort: Bhuj, Gujarat

Bhuj, Gujarat
 Bhuj is an interesting small city in the Kutch district of western Gujarat. Kutch is considered to be the biggest district in India where Bhuj is the district headquarters. Kutch was earlier a state on its own, which was then merged into the state of Gujarat.

Transport around Bhuj is also very convenient as there are rickshaws available for commute around the city at any given time of the day. It is best to bargain with the rickshaw drivers and also advisable for a fare to be decided before getting into the vehicle.

Local buses are also available for transport in and around Kutch and also to different parts of Gujarat. The ST bus stop is located in the heart of the city. There are also many private bus operators plying to major regions in Kutch and Gujarat.

The Bhuj railway station is only a few kilometers away from the main city and is well connected to nearby major cities like Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The airport is at a distance of 53 km from the main city. For better connectivity of flights from different parts of India, one can fly to and from Ahmedabad which is at a distance of 333 km from Bhuj. There are plenty of buses and trains available from Ahmedabad and Mumbai to Bhuj.

Kutch has a past history of being attacked several times and hence has a huge fort guarding its boundaries. The Bhujia Fort in Kutch has witnessed several battles but in today’s time, it is nothing more than ruins. The fort is visible from a distance and is situated on a hilltop. It is one of the major attractions for travellers who visit Bhuj.

The other major attractions in Bhuj are the Swamynarayan Temple, a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu which is one of the oldest in the countr, built in 1822. The Prag Mahal is also a must visit site. It is the former palace of the king which is now converted into a museum open from 9 am to 6 pm everyday. The Aiana Mahal which is the mirror palace is also a fascinating place to visit. There are many small lakes in and around the city. Hamirsar Lake is one of the most frequently visited places, by tourists visiting Bhuj.

With the population, comprising mainly of the Hindu community, the commonly spoken language is Gujarati and Kutchhi. Since Bhuj is easily accessible and is mostly a base for travellers who wish to visit the places around Kutch. There are plenty of accommodation options ranging from homestays and guest houses to luxury hotels.

The food options in Bhuj are also quite a variety with street food being the favourite of most travellers. One can find local chaats, pav bhaji, etc all around the town. Another famous option is the delicious Gujarati thali which is available in most restaurants at reasonable rates.

The major festivals celebrated in and around Bhuj are ‘The Rann Utsav’ in Rann of Kutch, Navratri, Janmashtami and Sankranti. The Festive season is the best time to visit Bhuj to get the real feel of this vibrant city. The famous Raan Utsav is celebrated every year from 1st December to 28th of February. 

Once at Bhuj travellers may also want to indulge in shopping for Bandhni sarees and handicrafts which are famous. To explore the city one can spend a day or two in the city and then proceed to places around such as Dholavira and Rann of Kutch.



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