• Being new to Mumbai I was looking for some meet up groups to connect with people and to get started with my traveling w.r.t trek and weekend getaways… Stumbled upon Land out there thru an app… I must say, a wonderful find… Just did a basic camp with them at Bhandardara… I had an amazing experience.. The team was very courteous and very approachable. The organization and the commitment to make the outing successful was very much evident from their mannerism. Looking forward for more treks with these new ‘Friends’ of mine (if I may say…) πŸ™‚
    Kudos!!! Great Team Work!!!!

  • This has been my first time that i have been introduced to “The Land Out There” wasn’t aware of such a conceptual group. The moment i met Divya and Sherwin we all connected well immediately as with others. Divya being a good listener, well informed, proactive while Sherwin’s vast experience, informative good administrative skills both of you compliment each other in a very beautiful way and this has been the reason why this trip has been a success and will remain as a wonderful experience with me forever. Never a moment did i realize that I was spending time with two strangers, instead as good companions. I loved the way both you guys customized this trip, taking care of everything in a professional way, being part of us at the same time. I am very happy to have met you both. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

  • Kudos to “The Land Out There” what an amazing trip to the Parvati valley. Sherwin and Divya you make a good company to have, compliment each other well, balance out responsibilities well, made us comfortable in all situations, cheerful at all times, passionate about your work. We started off as customer vendor but these 6 days have surely changed that and i have two friends added to my list.You have built that relationship and look forward to continue it for years to come.

  • As I browse through this site the more I feel the passion and love for travel that the two of youll share. The information on this site is seriously amazing it must have taken years to gather such precise information about so many places in detail. I like the idea of putting pictures along with the post this way people get a very good idea of the place. Keep up the good work.

  • A friend of mine sent me this link to this site and I have been blown away by the concept of travelling around India for just 1000. I so wish you guys took foreigners on such trips of yours. How I long to backpack across India and I think you guys are simply awesome.

  • TLOT is such a nice idea and a brilliant concept of helping people backpack across India for Rs1000. In today’s day and age that amount is noting and you guys are actually taking people on trips into the unknown with that cost in mind. Hats off to the idea. I home I have the time to live the dream and backpack with you’ll sometime soon.

  • After a very long time I have come across a travel site that has trips and also gives out free information to other travelers. this is a very good concept. Your post about Pondicherry helped me backpack across the town very well. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • This site has so much information and about places that I haven’t even heard about and even if I have heard about them I havent given much heed to them. TLOT really has shown to me that India is an extremely beautiful rugged place to travel across. Keep up the amazing work

  • Very motivating and very inspiring the travel tales on this website are simply stunning and the response that have come from the fellow travellers is simply amazing and really worth reading. I only wonder how good it must be to travel with you guys. I hope time permits me to backpack with you’ll across the rugged Land out there.

  • Simply desire to say your article is as surprising.
    The clarity in your post is simply cool and i could assume you are an
    expert on this subject.

  • This is seriously one of the best things that I have come across on the internet in years. Backpacking around India for 1000 just sounds unreal. But from the content you’ll have on the site it seems like you’ll have actually gone places and seem like the real deal. I love the write up about places, its so simple and to the point. Keep up this amazing movement.

  • The Land Out There. what can I say I havent seen a site with such a wide spread of unique and weird places. I say weird because most of the places that have been written about are all but unheard of. This is something that I have to say you’ll have really traveled like a very few. Keep up the good work and keep posting more such places that are off the map and off beat. πŸ™‚

  • Having traveled with The Land Out There before, I knew what to expect on the trip. The funny thing is travel teaches you something new and unexpected every time. This trip has been special to me since I have been once before with Sherwin. Both trips were amazing and also very different from each other.
    The TLOT team is one that displays the maturity of seasoned travelers. They are a pleasure to travel with. Sherwin is always well prepared and informed about the trips he makes. He ensures to meet ones expectations while tailoring the trip to ones needs.
    Divya is proactive and enthusiastic traveler. Shes very attentive and takes the time to listen. I am glad to have met her, together the two of them possess a wide range of skills and travel tips. They compliment each other as hosts, which provides a very personalized experience
    I believe it was Robert frost who said, β€œtwo roads diverged in the wood, I took the path less traveled and that made all the difference.” I have taken the path less traveled and it has made a world of a difference. If you are looking to take the leap into backpacking around the vast Indian subcontinent;
    The Land Out There will give you the right insight into the diverse and rich heritage of our country

  • I’m a CA by profession and I thought I had the dream life, but today when I look back and see how my life has panned out over the last 30years I feel the one thing that I surely missed out on was a chance to travel around. I was really happy to come across this site which has been started by two youngsters in their mid or early twenties. The information you’ll have is shocking and brilliant, each and every place has a detail description and a good number of pictures to compliment the place.
    I might be sitting in my office and writing this down but trust me by just reading and looking at the pictures of all these different places I have sat in my office and traveled to all of them. According to me you cant get any better information about the place other than when your actually there but your site has gone a step further and given us all a chance to travel with you’ll via the pictures which is brilliant.
    After following your site I know for a fact that my work is not even close to being called the dream job, what you’ll are doing is simply amazing, you’ll are actually living out everyone’s dream.

  • This is one of the most inspiring sites that I have come across the internet. The information on this site really helped me traveled around INDIA without any difficulty. I am very happy that you’ll will not be helping people travel to all these remote places that you’ll have visited. If only you’ll had started this a year back I would have reached Malana πŸ™ but the next time I come back to India or if any of my friends from Paris come over to India I am surely going to suggest TheLandOutThere.com I can only image how good travel with you’ll must be considering both of you’ll are only in your early twenty’s and seem to love rugged travel. Till next time love from France πŸ™‚

  • Well…. this has been my 1st trip outside my comfort zone where in I was out with people I did not know very well. The whole trip in all was good. Divya was right about travelling, getting to know different people, the vultures etc. Makes me believe the world ain’t that bad. A lot of things I learnt experienced, saw new things.
    In all it was time very well spent and I would love to do more of thee trips….

  • I really like the concept of travelling around India in 1000/day this sounds a bit too good to believe. But I would really like to backpack around India and when I decide to do that, you’ll are gonna be the guys that I will be backpacking with for sure not because of the cost but from what I have read on this site the places look simply amazing.

  • I have backpacked with The Land Out There when it had just started off. Actually back then it never even existed. It was just one guy obsessed with finding the cheapest way of travelling around. I have backpacked twice and trust me it has been easily my best two experiences of travel. I’m really happy that I was a part of this during its early days back in 2009 and this site has come a very long way from what it had started off as. I would like to end by saying keep up the good work Mr.Rebello you surely are doing the thing we joked about those many years about.

  • This is one of the most inspiring travel sites I have come across in such a long time. My wife and I follow this site weekly. It surely motivates us to continue with our boring marketing job’s. Some times we imagine that we are backpacking with you’ll to the Land Out There. I hope some day we get a chance to travel with you’ll. It will be a great honor. We are huge fans of your travel. πŸ™‚

  • I so wish that one day before I die I get a chance to travel to places like these and just explore the unknown. I have been so fascinated by the places that you’ll have been covering that I have to join you’ll on your travels someday πŸ™‚

  • I have never travelled in my life the only places that I have been to are with my family. These Places look so fresh and new and I find it very hard to believe that all these beautiful places are in India and not in Europe. I hope that some day I can join you’ll on one of your backpacking trips.

  • There is something very unique and different about this backpacking site. I think whats the difference according to me is that this site has a lot of information about places that very few people even know that exists leave alone travelling to them. I think this is the major difference between the two

  • I love reading the travel logs that are posted weekly on this site. it is really informative and very helpful information. I really like the pictures that are uploaded on this site they make the post complete. Keep up the good work and please post more off beat places.

  • This is a very inspiring travel log. Has a lot of information about villages and places that are not covered in normal sites and books. I would love to travel and explore places like these but the biggest problem is my work keeps me busy and I can’t travel. I hope that some day I can travel like this and explore the world

  • I was looking for some information about the warli tribes of Maharashtra and that brought me to this website and I have fallen in love with the matter that you’ll have on this site. I see all kinds of useful off beat information that is available on this site. I loved the write up about the abroginal people from karnataka. I hope I get to visit that tribe soon. Til I can’t ill surely be reading the matter on this site and keeping myself up to date.

  • Malaysia is the country where I have been born and brought up in for all my life, but travelling to India has always been my dream for so many years. There is something about India that always fascinates me the culture there is so vast and beautiful. This site gives me a weekly update about India and most of all helps keep my urge to travel intact to this beautiful land. Till the time I don’t have enough money to travel to India I will read the weekly post and keep myself content. Please keep the good working going and never stop. What you’ll are trying to do is very very inspiring.

  • This website has really good information about different places all across the Indian Terrain. I have booked marked this site and visit it often to track about the travel updates. Very nice stuff keep up the good work. Hope the read a lot more in the coming future.

  • I am from Latvia and I was looking up the internet to see if I could find good information about the Indian Himalayas and that’s how I ended up reading this webpage. The information here is very very helpful. I have nearly finished my trip across this beautiful country of India and I though I had to write something on this site that helped me get so much of valuable information about places that I have heard about through my friends but. I would like to say a big thankyou and pleace come to Latvia also some day and backpack in my backyard πŸ™‚

  • Hey Sherwin, I enjoy reading your blogs. The places you visit are so unique and picturesque and the while reading your blog i just get transported there. Keep up the good work. I hope to join you and Oz in one of your future adventures, when I am back in India. Till then travel away and enjoy your trip to the North. Really looking forward to see the pictures as well.

  • I love this site! it has so much of useful information about different places in India that most people would not even consider visiting and travelling to. I must say this is a brilliant and unique site that has really got most of their matter from travel which is truly off beat. I HOPE that I can visit these places someday.

  • Wow, really inspiring blog I must say the travels post are so beautiful and lovely to read and the pictures are one better than the other. I have to say that I really admire your passion for travel and also the places you travel to not many blogs have such a diverse verity of places that are both unique as well as beautiful. Please keep up the brilliant work and post more such places that are wonderful to read.

  • Hi there you have a really inspiring blog the places you have written about are really beautiful and unique noting like the ones I usually come across while reading about India. I really like the tag line it really sums up the purpose of life in one line for me. I hope to visit these places when I actually do come to India and I hope to have a journey as beautiful as yours. Keep up the good work I hope to read a lot more about this beautiful country through your travel.

  • Nice blogs… incredible pics …. informative and inspiring… makes one want to leave immediately with the backpack…. Pls. let me know if as a lawyer and content writer i can be associated with you in any way. . . back – packing to places off the beaten track is much more adventurous and worthy than book-packing to the Courts.

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