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1958013_751685638188925_1868490846_n Divya Pai is the quintessential Mumbai girl whose love for nature, photography and travel has made this B.Sc IT graduate want to break free and explore the untouched destinations around the globe. Divya is also quite the multi-linguist as she is able to speak nine Indian languages. Her interest in different cultures also motivates her to learn from the locals of every place she visits. This professional model-turned-explorer holds a black belt in Judo and is actively involved with several animal welfare organisations. Currently pursuing her Masters in Tourism, Divya wishes to set an example for girls who find it difficult and unsafe to travel around India. Co-founder at TLOT, Divya firmly lives by the tag line “Cover the earth before it covers you”

Sherwin Rebello founded The Land Out There in his bedroom with the sole purpose of helping people backpack to places that were unheard of and were not too famous. A B.Sc graduate in Physics, Sherwin took five years to graduate and learnt a lot through that. The most important thing he learnt during that time that helped him start TLOT is that there is no harm in trying something you firmly believe in because the worst that can happen is failure, but the regret of not trying is bigger than failing. An internet addict and a die hard F1 fan, he hates crowded places, talking on the phone and being told what to do. Through TLOT he hopes to help people experience travel and also while doing so hopes to help them discover themselves with the simple mindset of letting people do what they want when they backpack with TLOT.

For more information please contact us on the phone numbers mentioned below:

Divya Pai: +91 9833101101 // +91 9987294963

If the above numbers are out of reach please call:

TLOT Office: +91 7506420520

or mail us at: thelandoutthere@gmail.com


Disclaimer: This is to inform you that Mr. Sherwin Rebello has ceased to be a partner of The Land out there ( TLOT) 

by the way of resigning from the partnership. You are hereby informed along with the public in general that Sherwin Rebello is no more a part of TLOT and hence shall not be a party to any of its transactions, events.

TLOT shall hereinafter be the proprietorship of Ms. Divya Pai solely, unless stated otherwise.
TLOT and Ms.Divya Pai owns/ accepts no responsibility or liability of any statements made, actions taken or any transactions entered into by or with Sherwin Rebello with effect from 23rd May, 2016.

You are hereby informed.


  • Hey,hi I am travelling solo for the first time,my friend is not yet confirmed…kindly send the details as of from where the travelling will start and where will you be picking me up?what all things to carry with me during the camp?what is included in 1000rs.?Is it one night camp ?

  • About the bhandardara camp, do I have to have a group 6 people to go for it. Or you guys religioulsy have it every week. We are three of us and wish to go there in this month or march

  • Hi,
    I like travelling and got really excited to see the site. However, I have never done comping or trekking and I am not sure about what my capacity would be for trekking. Can you recommend me a trip as a starter? I would love to join and challenge my limits.

  • Hey guys…. this is amazing. just stumbled across and am so excited. I’m a homemaker and love travelling( though I haven’t done much) But I’m so looking forward to travelling all across india. How do I keep myself posted with all your activities so that I can join whenever I can and share as much as possible….
    Keep up the awesome travelling,

    • Hi Fiona you can either follow us via mail from the site or like our page on facebook and stay connected or do both. Its really nice that you plan on traveling across the country and have picked us already as the ones to help you cover India. I hope to see you backpacking with us soon ☺

  • Was curious to see if you’d be interested in doing a collaboration with my blog “The adventures of a 20 something” a similar blog to this, dedicated to traveling on a budget. Would love to work with you all! Shoot me an email at jeremystormsky@gmail.com, or get in contact with me through my blog! Look forward to hearing back from you all! And great looking blog, idea, and site ya got going here!

  • hey Sherwin.. How r U Buddy? I would like to join you’ll in any of the trek or upcoming adventure. Such a delight to read all this. truly Achievement!

  • This is really an amazing initiative. I echo the same sentiments and passionate to go close to the nature in the most natural way. I am planning to walk along with the River Krishna. I need your advise and help. I am 56 year old executive and from Hyderabad.

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