7 Reasons Why Indian Girls Should Backpack

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All your life girls you have got enough reasons not go backpacking. Now we give you reasons why you should.

  1. FREEDOM – Honestly, however hard people try to prove that they are independent; most of girls are not. Some times it’s the restrictions of parents and other times its partners. Most importantly ‘society’ maybe the one to blame. So gift this one trip to yourself, to be independent, to be confident and to have fun without being looked upon. Backpacking will make you a stronger person and will help you face the world with more courage in turn to demand that little freedom, which is your right.


  1. RESPONSIBILITIES – Face the fact that in the end 97% women would be married, have kids, in-laws and the world would revolve around them. This is the harsh but soon to be true reality. So before being piled up with these responsibilities, go live life, to the fullest. Take a trip alone or with your girlfriends. Go while you have the chance, go while you still have time. Because very soon you will be responsible for many other lives besides your own.


  1. INSECURITIES – Majority people are highly insecure, whether it is about our looks, our bodies, our personality, etc. We tend to be fake, to impress. Shed those insecurities girls! Because a backpacking trip is where you don’t have to be something that you are not. It will bring out the real you and you will feel relieved. Be crazy! No one is going to care about your weight, height or IQ.


  1. PRIORITIES – Firstly, while packing for the trip, all the stuff has to be kept minimal, so that everything fits in one backpack and as we know girls find it hard to leave those shoes or that make up out. Backpacking will force you to segregate and pack hence making you more organised. In a deeper sense it will help you prioritize what is important and what is not. What you actually ‘need’ and what you just ‘want’. Also this little activity will teach you how to survive with the minimum of things.


  1. FRIENDSHIPS – Whether it’s bonding more with your friends or making new ones along the way, backpacking helps you understand relationships. On your journey, you will meet people for whom you are a clean slate and they are to you. The hardships that you face during backpacking with these people will help you value them and for sure make you best friends. Plus you can gossip about that one bitchy girl whom you don’t like without any judgment! And yeah you might just meet your soul mate while backpacking. Most of us want the Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge romance, don’t we?


  1. PROVE- This is simple. There is a need to break the stereotypes of girls being petite and delicate. Show the universe that you can be adventurous and sporty while being pretty. Be at par with the male race, actually be two steps ahead. Go conquer those mountains! Also when you come back it will be a slap on the face of those people who thought you would get raped or murdered.


  1. PREPARATION- Lastly going for these trips will help you prepare for your future. After all no matter what you will be the home maker, a woman who manages work as well as the home. Nothing will feel hard anymore and you will have the strength to solve your problems. If you forget how strong you are, you can remind yourself that you went backpacking and then you will smile. Guaranteed. Most importantly you will have the faith which will make you give permission to your kids to go backpacking!. PREPARATION

All we want to say is you are worth it!

Text: Japleen Kaur

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