5 Reasons why local advice is the best

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The best ever advice you can come across while travelling is from a local. A local would be someone who lives in that place and is pretty up to date of what’s going on. He or she will have well known opinions on different places there, and will know the best place for special delicacy of that place and even the liveliest market or fair around there. The person will be the best source of information you can ever get and will bring you on track when you feel that you are almost lost in a new place.

Here are some reasons why taking local advice will always be very helpful while traveling:

  • Get to explore hidden gems

    Once you get into the city, you have come to explore, its then time to explore the hidden gems of the place and dig into it. You have many options to explore out there by researching online about different places for sightseeing but sometimes you might be looking for some astonishing or a place that nobody has ever seen or heard of. It is just like climbing a huge mountain and then gazing at the beauty below from high above and admiring the beautiful city. It is difficult to find such places when you enter a new city and to get into these places you need to ask the locals. Obviously, everyone is bored of looking at the same old palace and gardens all over again which look almost the same everywhere. As a traveller you love exploring new places which have never been known.

Exploring hidden gems

  • Avoid being cheated

There is always a fear of being cheated when we visit a new place. Very often when we enter a new place with different types of people living there we are not aware about what is happening there and the culture and society that they belong to. There is a fear of being cheated with auto fares or hotel rooms or sometimes even with food. Talking to a local person residing nearby and consulting him regarding the price of various things there will be of great help to a traveller. The chances of being cheated reduce considerably. Often people take travellers for granted but researching is what we do  best and talking to locals is like a plus point which helps us know better about the place.Avoid being cheated

  • Consistent information and directions

Many people rely on tourist guides while travelling to new places. But while travelling it’s always recommended to consult locals because the information and directions that the locals provide is way better than what tourist guides actually tend to know. They give you error free information about what events are going on and what events are going to take place. They are the best people to gather information from.  Locals suggest new places, not known to many. They provide directions which are precise and give various landmarks which help you reach an amazing location. Thus one can explore and enjoy every part of the journey.Constant information

  • Chances of getting lost reduce

When you enter a new place at first you feel completely lost and new there. Talking to a local gives you more knowledge about the place where you exactly are. It helps you if you haven’t been able to take time and research about it. Sometimes talking to locals is more helpful than actually carrying a map and wandering around and it helps you if you have forgotten to carry one. They also warn you about dangerous places around the city which are not safe to travel and give you many advices about different places and provide you with feedback and information of what you get where. The directions and ways that locals give with shortcuts and tiny bylanes really help to reach an astounding site. This helps one have an amazing experience without any difficulty.Less changes of getting lost

  • Suggest best places for local delicacies and events

Since, locals know the different places in their locality inside out, they know which place is known best for what. Be it a place which serves the best pizza in the city or be it the liveliest market to visit. Everyone loves trying the local delicacy or the specialty of that place in terms of food when they visit there. The locals know names of different restaurants in and around the corner which serve the best thali, prawn curry or the tastiest ‘rabdi jalebi’. You can completely rely on locals opinions regarding the best place to feast.Local food

Text: Jennifer D’mello

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